Are we limited?

I personally have experienced the Tyler rationale through my own schooling by the way in which my teachers would educate us. Obviously, they had their curriculum goals in which they had to get us to, but they all took us in different ways. By the end of what they had taught us, evaluation then took place. My success in evaluation often relied on how the educator was able to teach us the information. In high school, evaluations are much more important for the future, but evaluations are still very apparent in elementary schools. In my elementary school career, we would often get our spelling words of the week which consisted of 10-15 words that I had to learn how to spell by Friday. Every Friday, we had a spelling test which then determined who was the better speller. For some teachers, they would have us look up the words in the dictionary to have a deeper understanding of the words, but for others they would just give us the words and to have us write them out 10x each. Either way, they had their own ways of us practicing the words to be evaluated by the end of the week.

I find that this limits students who don’t often do well with evaluations or who struggles with the information. Most often, from personal experience, students try and shove the information all in their brains and try and run with it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It really only benefits those who are good at being evaluated, but it limits those who struggle. So, because they are unable to do this testing, they are unable to be seen as successful and really limits the students. 

However, despite the negatives about this, there are some benefits to this as well. Overall, an educator may have a better understanding of where their students are in terms of understanding the information that is being presented. I feel like there are many more benefits for the educators rather than the students, but these teaching styles are are supposed to be made to benefit the students as well. For the students, they learn a great deal of information in a small amount of time and it really makes sure that the students are understanding and retaining the information being taught.

2 thoughts on “Are we limited?

  1. I think it is important that you identified that teachers do use diverse methods of teaching in the classroom, but that our school system still closely relates with the Tyler Rationale because there is still a specific process apparent in each classroom. There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the Tyler Rationale limiting creativity in our lectures and seminars, so I am wondering if you believe that using diverse methods of teaching are actions that are reinforcing a little bit of creativity? I agree that the evaluations that are currently being used in most schools (for example, tests) are not suitable to each student. Every student has unique attributes and strengths, and I think different methods of assessing need to be considered.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! I really like and also agree with you when you say at the end of your post that you feel as though the educators are gaining more out of the material than the students do, due to the short amount of time that we have with them. I wish there was a way that we could get more hours in to really make sure our students wrap their heads around a concept before moving on.
    With the weekly tests i 100% agree that it does provide us with the knowledge of where our students are in terms of academics and what areas we need to focus our attention to more ensuring that we use all time and materials available to us that will help!
    Look forward to working and learning along side you this semester!!


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